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U Series ironless and iron Linear motor

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     Linear motors are also known as linear motors, linear motors, linear motors, putter motors. Is a transmission that converts electrical energy directly into linear motion mechanical energy without the need for any interte switching mechanism. Linear motor has a simple structure, fast response, high sensitivity, good followers, good sealing, not afraid of pollution, adaptability, stable and reliable, life and so on.
     The most commonly used linear motor type is flat-panel linear motor, U-slot linear motor and tube linear motor. The typical composition of the coil is three-phase, Hall element to achieve brushless commutation. This paper mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of flat linear motor and U type linear motor.
     Iron Linear motor has the following advantages: ① dynamic performance is higher, flat-panel motor using laminated structure to focus on magnetic flux, with a higher power. ② lower cost advantage, open interface design using only a single row of magnets. ③ better heat dissipation, surface area and laminated structure makes the heat dissipation better.
     Tablet linear motor compared to the disadvantages are: ① cogging effect, limiting the smoothness of the movement of the speed fluctuations ② normal attraction 5 to 13 times the resulting thrust.
     U Series ironless linear motor has the following advantages: ① no cogging effect, so the movement is more smooth, splicing stator, travel can be infinitely extended. ② no attraction, the installation of relative aspects, safe and easy to handle. ③ no core, acceleration and deceleration higher, higher mechanical bandwidth.
U-slot linear motor compared to the disadvantages: ① higher cost, U-slot linear motor using twice the amount of magnets, an increase of the cost of linear motors. ② motor power is smaller, U-type linear motor with the core design compared to lower RMS power. ③ higher thermistor, I-shaped structure design to alleviate this problem.

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