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Tmall double 11 for TM motion linear motor!

time:2017-11-13  click:3283

         Tmall double 11 brought the total turnover of 168.2 billion, with TM motion linear motor sales thinking!

  9-hour turnover of broken billion, the total turnover of 168.2 billion day! Lynx double 11 Shopping Carnival once again created a history of achievement of a different from all previous large-scale business collaboration, highlighting the powerful technology and big data driven force. Lynx double eleven, Tong Mao linear motor sales thinking!
   Into the third year of the double 11 cat late in the lineup more dazzling, Wu Yifan, Li Yuchun, Zhang Ziyi, Karen Mok, Lang Lang, Tao, Guan Xiaotong, etc. all debut, half a Chinese entertainment double 11 CALL. There are Maria Sharapova, Figo, LeBron James and other international stars to help out, detonated hundreds of millions of fans at the scene and screen before the enthusiasm.
  As a manufacturer of linear motor industry, whether we need more sales ideas, the same line with tm motion linear motor, through a variety of ways to give customers a more perfect experience. Bring the same products to more applications.
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