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ACS Linear Motor Motiong Control

Name:ACS Linear Motor Motiong Control


Note:ACS LF-4 Motiong Control


• Low cost and small footprint SPiiPlus 4-axes motion controller
• PLCopen compliant. Can be programmed in any of the five IEC61131-3 standard PLC languages
• Outstanding servo performance with sampling rate of 20kHz on all axes
• Supported by ACS’ advanced SPiiPlus software tools
The SPiiPlus-LF 4-axis controller is designed to address the needs of cost sensitive applications where space is at
a premium. The SPiiPlus-LF is more than just a motion controller; with its PLC programming and CANOpen master
capabilities it can actually control your whole machine.
The SPiiPlus-LF is PLCopen compliant, in addition to ACSPL+ motion programming language, it can be programmed
in any of the five IEC61131-3 standard PLC languages. Its capabilities can be extended by adding up to 64 CANopen
nodes of additional axes and I/Os.

As a member of the SPiiPlus family of products, it is supported by the SPiiPlus ADK free software support package,
which includes a rich set of powerful tools with full simulation capabilities for easy setup, tuning, application program
development, debugging and diagnostics.
To simplify the process of prototyping the following accessories are offered: mating connectors’ kit, breakout terminal kit
for easy prototype connectivity, and a din rail mounting kit.
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